Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So i know i'm a slacker

Sooo it's been a day or two trying to put up my house to i have a spot to take pretty pictures. I will be starting to normally post again in the upcoming days. Still posting things from all the great stores i encountered at whore couture. Not to mention all the free or almost free things i have been trying to make sure i snag  while putting the house together so once i get it all together i will make sure to post some of it if not all of it. Plastik is always one of the most busy and generous  creators i know and no she is not a sponser of mine. If you stop by her store  she has everything from a HUGE pack of monthly cheapies to some of the best fifty linden friday stuff there is. Not even mentioning the fact that every holiday she PERSONALLY hands out stuff to her customers. Although this is far from a nessary thing on secondlife it's really nice to see that creators still try and actually show there faces and connect with there customers. It's rare...
Skin:al vulo- Jade* winter brown brow sunkissed
Hair:Magika [01] Clumsy
Piercings:.adrenaliyn. wcf exclusive #3((edited))((alterego))
Collar::[P]:- Dena'ina Collar [Bare]:// Noir
Necklace::[P]:- Corda (M)://Facet-Leia
Eyes::[P]:-Vaele Coll(Base)://Heartyness
Shrug::[P]:- Korporale Bolero ://Leia
Top/applier::[P]:- Fatality Corset-JL-Leia
Pants:.:villena:. - tucked up jeans in black
Please note: the shrug,top,collar and necklace are all part of a FLF pack.

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